How Rohit started his dream in Electrical :

  • How to learn Electrical Engineering?

  • I have seen most of us asking how to learn Electrical engineering and become a complete Electrical engineer. Here, I have tried to cover most of the important things in the Electrical engineering that I have learned the hard way. Learning electrical engineering is a step by step process, so must learn it step by step. So this guide will also show how to learn electrical engineering step by step. No one can become a complete electrical engineer in 30 days, so it’s a journey. This guide will also show some best electrical engineering tutorials.


  • Develop Android apps


  • Tools and  IDEs:

  • Previously we have eclipse with Android SDK bundle to develop applications.

  • Currently most of the companies using Official Android Studio for development.

  • I would suggest Android Studio as it has many internal tools to build applications fast and it will give an efficient final product.

  • You can download the latest Android studio from below link

  • Choosing which programming language(Java/Kotlin) to use:

  • Java is a first programming language used for developing Android applications. If you are a Java developer or if you know core java, you can start the android application development.

  • If you don’t know the Java programming language better start learning Kotlin. Because Kotlin is now official language for Android applications development.

  • Currently, we have the support of both(Java and Kotlin) languages for developing the applications.

  • Learning Kotlin is a big plus for future android developers.
    Learn Kotlin basic Syntax below
    Official Kotlin documentation available for Android in below links

  • We have new Android Jetpack components are a collection of libraries that are individually adaptable and built to work together while taking advantage of Kotlin language features that make you more productive. Use them all or mix and match!

   Help and suggestions

 Stuck with some problem while developing  the    application ?

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People call u

Electrical Engineer

What they are

  • Responsible for designing, maintaining, implementing, or improving electrical instruments, facilities, components, equipment products, or systems for industrial, commercial or domestic purposes.

  • Performing a wide range of engineering tasks by operating computer-assisted design or engineering software and equipment.

  • Conferring with customers, engineers, and others to discuss existing or potential engineering products or projects.

  • Ensuring that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements by preparing electrical systems specifications, technical drawings or topographical maps.

  • Establishing construction, manufacturing or installation standards or specifications by performing a wide range of detailed calculations.

  • Ensuring compliance with specifications, codes, or customer requirements by directing or coordinating installation, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, documentation, support or testing activities.

  • Writing reports and compiling data regarding existing and potential electrical engineering projects and studies.

  • Preparing specifications for purchases of electrical equipment and materials.


  • Working with a variety of technicians.

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Career in

Electrical Engineering

What they need

  • Bachelor degree in electrical engineering degree from an accredited Institution.

  • Licensed as a professional engineer.

  • Experience in using or a desire to learn required software.

  • Knowledge of applicable codes related to electronic engineering.

  • Proficient in design and calculation software.

  •  Knowledge in electronic Systems, Electronics Troubleshooting, Electronic Testing Design.

  • Skills of  project Management , Quality Focus, Database Design, Analyzing Information , Reporting Research Results, Attention to Detail, Emphasizing Excellence, Innovation.