How sakshi started her dream in              becoming a  Pilot :

   How to become a pilot  ?

  • I have seen most of us asking  how to become a pilot. Here, I have tried to cover most of the important things that I have learned the hard way.Becoming a commercial pilot is a step by step process, so we must go step by step. So this guide will also show how to become a commercial pilot step by step.

      We can become a pilot  after 12th and Graduation.

    Eligibility  to join a flying          school : 

  •  12th class should be passed with science stream with 55% Aggregate              Marks  in physics,chemistry and maths. Applicable for both 12th passout        and Graduate Student.  

      How to join a flying school ?

     1) To qualify the written test.

     2) Crack the  Interview .

     3) Qualify the  Medical Test.

    Generally the course duration is 15-18 months.

  Licenses to become a pilot :

  • Student Pilot License (SPL): First License needed till one earns 40-50 hours of flying and receives a Private Pilot License (PPL). SPL is valid for 24 months

  • Private Pilot License (PPL): Minimum requirement to fly an airplane with passengers. One can get PPL after 40 hours of flying + clearing written and practical test

  • Commercial Pilot License(CPL):

        1). Minimum requirement to get a job as a pilot .

        2). Must be above 18 years of age .

        3). Must complete 200 hours of flying (including 150 hours solo flying, 25 hours of cross                 country, 10 hours of Instrument flying, 5 hours of night flying) + written test conducted               by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) .

        4). Must be physically and mentally fit.

  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL): A top pilot license which mandatorily requires 1500 hours of flying + Clearance of written test conducted by DGCA.

        Now-a-days CPL Holders need to posses a type rating          certificate in order to get more oppurtunities. 

   Type Rating Certificate :  A type rating is a regulating   agency's certification of an airplane pilot to fly a certain aircraft type that requires   additional training beyond the scope of the initial license and aircraft class       training. What aircraft require a type rating is decided by the local aviation   authority.

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Career in Aviation 

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People call u

Pilot  / Aviator

What they are

  • Responsible for performing pre- and post-flight aircraft inspections.

  • Responsible for selecting safe and efficient flight routes.

  • Responsible for determining risks that may occur.

  • Responsible for keeping accurate records for compliance purposes.

  • Communicating with required agencies and personnel.

  • Ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers, crew, and aircraft.

What they need

  • Having good organizational skills. 

   •  Being able to make quick decisions.
   •  Having math skills. 
   •  Having good reflexes. 
   •  Being able to stay calm under stressful circumstances. 
   •  Having high attention to details. 
   •  Being able to speak more than one language. 
   •  Having analytical skills. 
   •  Being able to work for long hours.

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